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(Long-Term Retirement Planning)

Guaranteed Retirement Income For Life: You have accumulated wealth over time and you're thinking about retirement. Do you know, right now, as you approach retirement exactly how much annual guaranteed income you will have until you die? Sure, you have Social Security, and you might have a pension. But is that it? Are they enough? If all or most of your additional accumulated wealth is in the stock market, is it guaranteed income? Of course not. If you're starting retirement, and starting to 'draw down' you're retirement income, should you be heavily invested in the stock Market? Probably not. The number one retirement problem 65% of all Americans worry about is out-living their retirement assets, especially as we live longer and longer. I help people age 60+ solve this problem by shifting their investment strategy from wealth accumulation to INCOME DISTRIBUTION in the form of annual guaranteed income they cannot outlive, even if they live to age 100.

If you would like to learn more about annuities and reasons why to invest in one, please check out these blog posts:

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