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Six Reasons to Include Fixed Indexed Annuities NOW in Your Investment Portfolio

We all know COVID19 is no longer 'new information', and no one has a crystal ball, but many financial experts believe its effect on the stock market is far from over. Here are six ways Fixed Indexed Annuities are helping my clients & prospects prepare for and combat short, intermediate, and long-term stock potential market uncertainty:

  1. With Fixed Indexed Annuities, they never own shares in the market. If the market drops 1% or 50%, daily, weekly, monthly, annually or longer, their investment never drops a single penny. As a result, their investments can only grow over time.

  2. They consistently earn interest of 4-8% over time, with an average of 6%. These results can be verified in advance, over time, with high accuracy by reviewing: a.) Most recent 10 calendar years actual results, b.) Lowest 10 calendar years actual results and c.) Highest 10 years actual results.

  3. All or a portion of funds they have invested in pre-taxed (tax-deferred) accounts, such as Traditional IRAs and 401Ks can be transferred into Fixed Indexed Annuities, and their investments continue to grow tax-deferred.

  4. For 2020, the MAXIMUM total contribution into Traditional IRAs, plus Roth IRAs is $6000 ($7000 if you're age 50 and older). With a Fixed Indexed Annuity there is no annual dollar limit on how much money they can contribute, and they can invest more money whenever they want to.

  5. Some Fixed Indexed Annuities include the opportunity for them to add a 'long-term care rider' to their contracts, which can provide significant funding for long-term care costs that are, many times, unaffordable otherwise.

  6. A Fixed Indexed Annuity is an insurance product, enabling them to name beneficiaries in the contract and have have fund balances pass to these beneficiaries upon their death, immediately, and without probate.

For more information please contact me via Linkedin, send an email to: or call me at: 574-292-1217. Thank You!

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