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The Domino Effect: Part 1

This is the first of three posts on what I like to call the impending ‘Domino Effect’ that is lurking, and threatens Americans’ number one fear: Outliving their retirement savings. Do you realize that WHEN, not IF, the market crashes in the near future, if you are age 55-60+, you will not have time to earn back your losses? If, for example, you are age 60, and you have saved $500,000 for retirement, if the stock market drops by 50% as it did in 2007-2008, you will have an actual loss of $250,000. This will not be a ‘loss on paper only’. This is $250,000 you can never earn back.

The ‘Domino Effect’ is the current convergence of downward pressure continuing to be placed on the Stock Market by a number of major factors. Here are the first two:

  1. The world’s now almost ‘perennial’ INDIRECT effects of COVID on world economies due to unprecedented disruption of the supply chain. Goods, services and workers continue to shrink, as do world economies.

  2. Cybercrime has skyrocketed, with billions and billions of dollars having been stolen from organizations all over the world. These hackings continue with no end in site.

Right now, today, there IS a way for you to take steps to protect your life savings from all Stock Market downturns, whether $1 or $1 million, I can help you do that.

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