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The Domino Effect: Part 2

Here are the third and fourth major factors placing huge downward pressure on the

Stock Market:

  1. Global Warming: This is something we have been talking about for generations, and for years the response to this threat was something like: “Really? Global warming? Weather has fluctuated for centuries so stop worrying!” Now, it’s too late to reverse the very real effects of global warming. Can any of us even begin to estimate the billions and trillions of dollars that have been lost from fires, flooding, power outages, costs to rebuild, and on and on.

  2. Demographics: EVERY DAY, 10,000 Americans are turning age 65, and the number of Americans entering the workforce pales in comparison. This means what we’re seeing now, partially because of COVID, with businesses closing or drastically reducing their hours of operation, will multiply and magnify. The economy just cannot support these pressures.

We Americans see the stock market continuing to go up, up, up, and we want to be a part of that which is great up to a point. We are AT THAT POINT, and now is the time for people age 55-60+ to realize that this is the time to start shifting some of that accumulated wealth into guaranteed income they will have for the rest of their lives. I believe if Americans wait much longer, the market crash will come, and then it’s too late. I can show you exactly how to avoid this, your money will be 100% protected from Stock Market drops, and you will continue to earn a great rate of interest.

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