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Senior Health & Prescription Drug

Senior Health & Prescription Drug Plans: For many seniors, finding and enrolling in a senior health & prescription drug insurance plan that is right for them is daunting, confusing and, often, frightening. I meet in-person with each of my senior client prospects. I carefully explain how all the options work, I answer all questions, and give each person the ability to then make an informed decision about the specific senior health & prescription drug plan that is best for him or her.

Additionally, employers have their hands full every day, managing numnerous challenges, and capitalizing on opportunities. They just don't have time, on top of that, to learn how to advise their senior employees on Medicare, nor do they want to. I work directly with businesses who have employees age 65 and over who are retiring, make the best possible transition out of their employer group health plan, and into their own individual senior Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement Health & Prescription drug plans.

To learn more about how we can help with Senior Health & Prescription Drug plans, please contact our office and check out our blog posts.

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