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Why Choose

E.F.W. Insurance?

We started in the insurance business 22 years ago, and we specialize in three specific areas. All three have provided our clients with significant, measurable value over time, while giving E.F.W. Insurance the opportunity and the privilege to help hundreds of clients.


Here are the three areas:


Long-Term Retirement Planning

Without question, Americans' number one financial fear is out-living their retirement savings. We are living longer and longer today which only adds to this fear. We help our clients age 55+ eliminate these fears using Fixed Indexed Annuities, here's how:

  1. We transition at least a portion of our client's retirement savings from just continued ‘wealth accumulation’ (stocks, bonds, etc.) to ‘lifetime income distribution’. 

  2. A Fixed Indexed Annuity that includes a ‘Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit’ provides additional pension-like annual guaranteed income they cannot outlive, even if the underlying investment principle is reduced to zero.

  3. Every dime of the client’s annual guaranteed lifetime income payment, as well as the underlying principle investment is 100% protected from any and all stock market downturns, interest rate fluctuations, and longevity risks.

  4. At the same time the client is receiving his or her annual guaranteed lifetime income payments, the principle is earning interest. Interest earned each year is captured, added to the principle, and can never be lost. 

  5. The client can transfer/roll over his or her Traditional IRA, 401K, 403b or 457 plan, all of which grow tax-deferred, into a Fixed Indexed Annuity, and the funds continue to grow tax-deferred.

  6. If a client has after-tax investments, such as a Roth IRA, CD or Money Market, they can all be transferred/rolled over into an after-tax fixed Indexed Annuity.

  7. A Fixed, Indexed Annuity is an insurance product, not a securities investment, which also gives the client the ability to name beneficiaries in the contract, just like a Life Insurance contract. Upon death, the total remaining value of the Fixed Indexed Annuity passes to those beneficiaries without probate.

These are just a few of the benefits associated with the long-term retirement plans we develop for our clients. Consider attending one of our webinars to learn more and please contact us if you have questions!


Senior Health & Prescription Drug Plans

For seniors who need to enroll in a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement health & prescription drug plan, the process is often confusing and frustrating at best. We are experts with these health plans and we truly enjoy working with our seniors. Here are just a few things we believe are critical in helping seniors find the plan that is right for them:

  1. With the exception of restrictions such as what happened with COVID or other personal restrictions, we strive to meet in person with every senior. In that first appointment, we listen carefully, answer every question and explain as a starting point what Standard Medicare Parts A & B cover because most seniors do not know what they cover.

  2. Sometimes in that first appointment, we then present the specific insurance carriers we represent for senior health plans and the specific plans that are available for each carrier. We then review the entire ‘Summary of Benefits’ for each plan with our client, and again answer all of his or her questions.

  3. We only work with two carriers for senior health plans, both of which have been offering senior health plans since they were first offered in 1992. (There are other carriers that have come into the senior healthcare business, have dropped out, and then have come back in.) 

  4. The two carriers we work with also have excellent, extensive networks of participating hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, laboratories and others who honor all of the plans they offer ‘in network’ for our clients. This is absolutely essential.


Life Insurance

As an independent agency, when we are helping someone with Life Insurance, we go out to a minimum of 10-15 top carriers and have them submit competitive bids for your coverage. In addition to driving premiums down through competition, this has also given E.F.W. Insurance the opportunity to build solid relationships with some of the top Life Insurance Carriers in the world. These ‘relationships’ often come into play when our clients need help with customer service or for other reasons because they know they can call us directly and we then contact the insurance company for them.


We handle the following types of insurance:

  1. Term Life Insurance

  2. Whole Life Insurance

  3. Universal Life Insurance

  4. Final Expense Life Insurance

  5. Simplified Issue Life Insurance

  6. Guaranteed Life Insurance

  7. Business ‘Key Person’ Life Insurance

Please contact our office for more information in any of these areas.

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