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E. F. W. Insurance

Our Services

Life Insurance

Life insurance is long-term financial protection for you, your family, and even your business. As important as life insurance is, it is often overlooked in a person’s younger
years (when it is far more affordable) because the thinking is: “I’m young and healthy, I don’t
need life insurance.” Then life happens, responsibilities grow, marriage and families come along,
job responsibilities and opportunities increase, etc.  Suddenly that same person who didn’t think he/she needed life insurance is now 40 years old and DOES need insurance. 

Our Services

Annuities (Long-Term Retirement Planning)

Guaranteed Retirement Income For Life: You have accumulated wealth over time and you're thinking about retirement. Do you know, right now, as you approach retirement exactly how much annual guaranteed income you will have until you die? Sure, you have Social Security, and you might have a pension. But is that it? Are they enough? If all or most of your additional accumulated wealth is in the stock market, is it guaranteed income? Of course not.

Senior Health & Prescription Drug

For many seniors, finding and enrolling in a senior health & prescription drug plan that is right for them is daunting, confusing and, often, frightening. I meet in-person with each of my senior client prospects. I carefully explain how senior health & prescription drug plans work, I answer all questions, and give each senior the ability to then make an informed decision about the specific senior health & prescription drug plan that is best for him or her.


"I worked with Tom Walsh to do some financial planning and investing for retirement. His approach to understand me and my goals was effective and presented several options to choose from. I felt he was working for my best interest and not just making a sale. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone looking for advice."

Mark W. Melnick

Not many people enjoy talking about this, but it is best to always be prepared. We can talk about strategies that fit your specific situation, whether you need to look out for family members or cover any debts. Ask me about the various kinds of Life Insurance policies available.

Tom Walsh

Hey there! Thanks for stopping in and for your interest in E.F.W. Insurance. I have been an independent insurance agent for 25 years. I am licensed in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and North Carolina. I also own a landscaping business (for 32 years now) and still enjoying working in that career too! Outside of work, I adore my wife, Sherri, and our family. We have two kids, Aaron & Olivia, and then of course our beautiful grand kids: Nathan, Lyla, & Eleanor. Last but not least, can't forget our family pet - Roxie, our beloved Yorkie. She most certainly runs the place. A few of my favorite hobbies include: internet marketing, boating, fitness, & music. I reside in South Bend, IN, and very much enjoy this life I live. Want to know more about me and/or my business? Contact info is below! I can't wait to chat with you.

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